Saturday, May 24, 2008

CelebraCadabra bites back

I wouldn’t call this a change of mind, more of an evolving opinion based on new factual information. Most of what I said in my first essay about Celebracadabra I still believe. Ant is an aptly named annoying insect. He returns in episode five to remind us just how repulsive he is. As much as they try to say otherwise, the show promotes the "become a magician in 24 hours school of thought."

But in episode 4 and even more so in episode 5 the magic has vastly improved. I am sorry to say that these celebs are embarrassing many a professional and even more amateur magicians. They perform better with 24hrs of work than most magic shop hangers-on with 24 years of practice.

In fact, now that they have been pared done there is more magic, better magic, and more magic castle. And the judging is now much more productive.

My advice is to head over to and watch for yourself. Every one of these acts could win and magic club contest, perhaps a few convention contests as well. They are a lesson on how to perform. Okay, except for Hal who does not seem right in his show. My girl, the lovely Lisa, almost wins, and C. Thomas Howell creates and fully commits to an outrageous character.

So, after a shaky start, the show is now more than watchable.

2 comments: said...

I agree, the quality was above my expectations. I was taken back by a bit of brilliant thinking behind the some of magic acts. Heck, I was actually delightfully entertained. An old saying comes to mind, 'It's easier to turn an actor into a magician than a magician into an actor'
This should be an eye opener for a lot of Magi out there. Your magic is only as powerful as your act.

chgomagic said...

I agree, I just wonder IF it will be an eye opener.

Usually it only opens the eyes of those who don't need an eye opener.