Monday, April 02, 2007

Jamy Ian Swiss

Either you love him or you hate. That seems like the consensus of the magicians that I speak with. He is a person that gets strong reactions. He is not afraid to have an opinion. (That, by the way, is a very good thing.)Yet, even when I disagree, I respect his choices. They are generally backed by actual thought, unlike much of what I see written on message boards, magazines, and blogs. Not only that, but he is a pretty good and interesting writer.

Here is a link to an excellent essay of his on the search for street magic, appearing in Antinomy. Read it.


chgomagic said...

By the way, I have to thank my friend Andrew Wilson for bringing this essay to my attention.


Andrew Wilson said...

Dear Bill,

I love you, baby! Save the date: Sunday, September 30, 2007. After a six year engagement, ( yes, six fucking years!) Heidi & I are going from common law to whatever the IRS will call us. It's going to be a very casual affair on the beach in Charleston, followed by a classic Charleson oyster roast and barbeque, with lots to drink and a great dance band!! And guess who's performing the ceremony? None other than the ever-controversial Reverend Jamy Ian Swiss!!! His motto: No God, Prompt Service! Eugene's invited too. If you've never partied with either of those guys, look out. Tell Tim too!

Regarding Jamy's article about "street magic", I am in complete agreement. As I told Jamy, I give Blaine props for shaking things up, changing the way magic is perceived by the public, and turning a whole new generation on to doing magic. However, I believe there's an obvious reason why, a decade after the first tv show, there are still no tickets available for the smash off-broadway hit, "An Evening with David Blaine".

Shake off the winter my friend. You're one of my favorite magicians, right up there with Swiss. Just don't tell him I said that; he'd probably argue with me about why he should be lower on my list! Ha ha ha ha!

-Andrew Wilson

chgomagic said...

Always great to hear from you. Frankly, we..okay..I miss you greatly. I'll save the date and make sure we talk well before then to make arrangments.