Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Familiar Spirits - Ghost Story Anthology

I just wanted to let you know that I've co-created a ghost story anthology with Donald J. Bingle called Familiar Spirits that has been true labor of love. Normally with the books I release I'm the only author, but this time I'm sharing the stage with 13 others.  And I’m proud to say that 9 of the 13 authors are female.
Now, it's your chance to be our partner in Familiar Spirits, also. The Kickstarter for the anthology is officially live!


Be among the first to back and get special pricing on digital or print versions of this unique, spooky, scary collection of ghost stories. There is even a level to help your local libraries. Including performance levels where you can get books and a show!
Here are a few little teases as to the type of stories you’ll find:

"In Cold-Nosed and Cold-Hearted  the hound dogs of Colbert County prove are just as active dead as they were alive."
"A visit to the beach can be a life changing experience in Legend of the Sea Captain."

"In Stepping into October, a boy learns that there is much more to the stories he inherits from his Great Aunt Bernice."
"A woman finds the true power of belief in the otherworldly revenge tale, Green Lady."

"The Hut's snow swept mountain isn't the only thing that will chill your bones."
Check it out and pledge if it sounds interesting; there is special pricing for early backers. But, even if you don't pledge, I'd appreciate your help in spreading the word by clicking on the button on the Kickstarter page to share on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumbler, or whatever other social media site you prefer. Letting the world know about a new book is a tough process for an independent author/editor and I appreciate your help.

Thanks, William

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