Monday, May 23, 2011

The 42nd Annual Magic Collectors Weekend Eve - May 18, 2011

As I sit here it is hard to believe that a year has passed. A cliché, yes, but the truth nevertheless. I have been woefully neglectful of my blog, much to the consternation of some readers, and I hope to fix this, starting with my annual look at the Magic Collectors Weekend.

The Weekend unofficially starts on Wednesday with the Knights of Sleights Magic Flea Market. This is the 28th year straight and according to all reports it was the best year yet. There were over 40 tables of merchandise covering the full range of books and tricks: new, old, used, useful, junk, and collectable. And over 200 buyers attended.

This has been one of the great social events of Chicago. One out of town participant told me it was like a mini-convention and that the fleas hosted by clubs in her state could not compare. We have very little other events that can unite the whole of the Chicago magic community and I hope more Chicago magicians will spread the word to anyone that might be interested. That 200 could easily be 300 or more.

At least, one buyer purchased a book worth $200 for $2. Another purchased several broadsides for a quarter of their real worth. Last, I was told of the purchase of a window card for $150 that recently went at auction for $400. But that is just the collectable, much more useable magic was purchased and I expect, knowing magicians as I do, made it into their acts over the weekend.

The Flea has been a great partnership with the MCA. Seventeen of the dealers and many of the buyers came as a result of the promotions by the MCA.

The week is off to a good start.

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