Friday, September 05, 2008

Death and the Magician

Theodore Bamberg was born into magic in 1875. He adopted the name Okito, but he didn't just put on an Asian theme for parody. He approached it with respect and the caring soul of an artist. The magic he created was some of the most beautiful and refined of its time. He retired to Chicago in the mid-1950s. Retirement though a misnomer. When Okito stopped performing on stage he continued to demonstrate magic at Chicago's famed State street novelty store, the Treasure Chest. A master craftsman, he also produced many tricks now highly coveted by collectors of magic. Life passed from him in 1963.

Theodore Bamberg is buried at Westlawn Cemetary, 7801 W Montrose Ave, Chicago

Elm Section, row 13


Anonymous said...

I am impressed you found it.

Was he buried in the Jewish
section of the cemetary?

ChgoMagic said...

That cemetary is a Jewish cemetary.