Thursday, November 29, 2007

LA Conference on Magic History part 2

The Thursday evening program begins at 8:30

Richard Kaufman is the first presenter. Something I was not looking forward to. Richard gave a talk at the Collector’s convention, and not to good result. He reads his presentations lifelessly and goes on way to long. Except this time, his deadpan style garnered great laughs as he demonstrated some of Theodore DeLand’s card creations. Well, he did read a little too long, but overall it was a good presentation.

Trevor Dawson spoke next. I spent a couple of beer’s time at the Collector’s with Trevor. It was fun to tip a few with him. He spoke about “The Great Carmo,” a British hall artist and successor to the great Lafayette. The information imparted was fine, Trevor tends have that kind of mumbling British way of speaking, much to the annoyance of most of the audience.

Last on the bill was Jim Steinmeyer performing Amac’s Find The Lady. This amazing illusion has been in my mind since I saw the first pictures and drawings. It sounded like the coolest illusion. Me not being a fan of box tricks at all. (Sorry Jim.) I was right. Jim opened a window into vaudeville and showed why this effect was a sensation. It made great fun when Jim then performed the whole routine over again with see-thru cards.

After the night’s events, it was off to the bar. Although I didn’t make it too late of a night. Fist the bar closes at like midnight on weekdays. Boy are they losing out on a lot of money. Magicians love to drink. Second, I need to be up for breakfast at 8:30 because Ricky Jay had a special exhibition of his broadsides and it was opening early for conventioneers.

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