Saturday, June 09, 2007

News and Quotes

I have to apologize to my regular readers; I’m way behind in my writing.
Too many projects, too little time.
Keep your eyes open this week for the bizarre story of the many legs of Santa Ana. Also, there will be a review of last weeks opening of Chicago’s newest weekly magic show, The Magic Cabaret.
For now, here are a few choice quotes about Chicago:

It used to be a writer’s town, and it’s always been a fighter’s town. For writers and fighters and furtive torpedoes, cat-bandits, baggage thieves, hallway headlockers on the prowl, baby photographers, and stylish coneroos, this is the spot that is always most convenient, being so centrally located for settling ancestral grudges. Whether the power is in a .38, a typewriter ribbon, or a pair of six-ouncers, the place has grown great on bone-deep grudges of writers and fighters and furtive torpedoes.

--Nelson Algren, (Chicago’s greatest writer)

Here’s the difference between us and Dante. He wrote a lot about hell and never saw the place. We’re writing about Chicago after looking the town over.

--Carl Sandburg, (Chicago’s 2nd greatest writer)

Chicago is the glory and damnation of America all rolled up into one. Not to know Chicago is not to know America.

--Neal R. Pierce and John Keefe

Eventually I think that Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.

--Frank Lloyd Wright

I find the whiskey unexpectedly good.

--William Butler Yeats, (visiting Chicago during prohibition)

I wish I could go to America if only to see Chicago.

--Otto Von Bismarck

Loving Chicago is like loving a woman with a broken nose.

--Nelson Algren


Magic Phil said...

You seem to love chicago. But you haven't been to MELBOURNE yet!!!

chgomagic said...

aaah, who said I haven't been to Melbourne? Have you been to Chicago?

If you love Melbourne then you should write about it on your own blog.

Cara :-) said...

Chicago will always be my kind of town!