Friday, April 20, 2007

Play Time

From the UMA website:

by Rinne Groff

April 18 - May 18, 2007

Chopin Studio Theatre

Uma is proud to present the Midwest premiere of Obie Award-winning playwright Rinne Groff's ORANGE LEMON EGG CANARY. Great, a renegade magician with a mysterious legacy finds more than meets the eye in his sexy new assistant Trilby, who pursues him for the truth of his past and the truth behind his tricks. This funny, quirky modern love story has plenty of disappearing coins, floating objects, and the infamously dangerous and thrilling "chick-on-a stick." Not to mention a lovely assistant who talks a lot for being a dead woman. A magical exploration of the cheap tricks, smoke and mirrors and bonds of faith in modern romance, ORANGE LEMON EGG CANARY is sure to be an amazing night at the theatre, especially when experienced amidst one of Uma's fantastical "umavironments."

This production is appearing in Chicago for the first time. Dennis Watkins from the House Theater is playing the lead and did the magic consulting. He is a fine magician and actor, who many in Chicago remember from his role as Houdini in Death and Harry Houdini by the House Theater. I am looking forward in seeing this new show.

If you are in Chicago, it's a must do thing.

For more info, dates, and ticketing visit the website:
Also see the article in the Friday, April 20, Weekend section of the Chicago Sun-Times for the article by their theater critic Hedy Weiss.
Or google the play's title, Orange Lemon Egg Canary for information on the original off-broadway production.

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Neil Tobin said...

Way to go, Dennis! He's doing exactly what I'd like to see more of: elevating magic by showing it within a context that meets theatregoers halfway.