Saturday, December 09, 2006

Quote Me

Markus Clegg is one of the demonstrators at my store. He is a very good demo'er and, also, a knowledgeable magician. We were talking today and sometimes one joke will jog the memory and dislodge another thought. Well... this was one tangent...

I believe it was Rene Lavand who said,
"Cards tricks are the poetry of magic."

If that is the case, its no wonder many people don't like it,
most people don't understand it,
and those who do it are often bad at it.


Andrew Wilson said...

Hi Bill,

Wasn't it Hoffsinzer who said that? I seem to remember Ricky Jay attributing the quote to H. when I saw "52 Assistants".


chgomagic said...

It is possible. Or probable. Either way it certainly applies to Rene Lavand.

Anonymous said...

It's an ambiguous comment anyway. It's usually interpreted to mean that card magic is somehow better than other branches of the art, but like anything, there is good and bad poetry.

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