Monday, September 25, 2006

Why the blog?

In an earlier post, I wrote a short biography to introduce myself to who ever may be out in the land o’ internet. I certainly encourage reading previous posts, if you haven’t already. Now, let's talk briefly on the why of this blog.

First, I am lazy. Writing a blog seems counter-intuitive to being lazy. It is, but that is the point. I want to write, but I work best with a deadline. With no deadline, I fear the blank page. Yet, when something needs to be done, it gets done. This blog forces me to set deadlines that force me to write and, hopefully, the more I write the better I will be at it.

Second, while working on my interest in magic history, I wanted to set-up a web site to act as a clearinghouse for my and other historians’ discoveries. The problem is I am internet challenged and just don’t have the time (or the inclination) to learn the ins and outs of web sites. This is an easier way to tell the stories I want to tell.

Since I started blogging, a backlog of stories I want to write has developed . Here, you will find some history, some self-promotion, some inside magic stuff, some fiction, and some things just for the fun of it. I will move from one subject to another, but promise to get back and finish the subject. For example: I wrote some stories about a couple of nefarious things I did as a child. Those stories were not just for their own sake, there will be a point, someday. There are just many things to write about. Recently, I started a new book project that I will need help with and, perhaps, this blog will reach the people needed to see the project to completion.

I want to keep posting on a regular basis; every couple of days there will be new content. With the amount of material in my head, I should be able. In just the short time, I’ve been at it, many blogs have come and gone. They burned bright for a short time and then vanished. Some good. Some bad. Many of the bloggers were too full of themselves to maintain the pace and a few just too clueless. I just lost one of my favorites, one that I checked every morning. See ya’ down the road, Doug. I’ll miss your stories.

My choice is to drop pebbles in the water and see where the ripples reach.

Hopefully, the ripples will reach back more often and comment. No, the blog is not controversial and, thus, may not garner the kind of attention some others do. I cannot promise I will post all the comments received. I don’t mind disagreement. I will not allow personal attacks. I will not allow criticism without solutions. I dislike anonymous comments, but that will not stop them for being published. You might even change my mind.

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I check on it fairly often. Your writing style is better than most. Your comments on my comments made sense and helped me be more circumspect in how I comment on your blog.

I choose to be anonymous for a couple of reasons, most of which probably seem silly and trivial to anyone but me. I would hope my ideas stand or fall on their merit and not on whether you know if my name is Sally or not.

You now have me curious as to how things will play out here. :-)