Monday, August 07, 2006

Quote Me

The Chicago Tribune Magazine (08/06/06) had two fun and interesting items in it.

Second, on the inside back page, they published a wonderful picture of the Flying Cars ride at Riverview park. Also were some wonderful facts about Riverview like they were considered the safest park of its kind. They once boasted that they went seven years without a fatality.

(No mention of the condition of those who survived.)

First, There is a nice article about the Cirque Shanghai. They are performing 10 shows a week at Navy Pier all summer. If you haven't seen it, you should. There are some talented performers doing all sorts of eye-popping acts. Be forwarned, the narration is tourist kitch and the sound is terrible. But you don't need either to enjoy the acts.

There is a quote in the article I would like to share.

Feng Wang, a 32 year veteran acrobat, is fond of this old Chinese saying:

"One minute on stage requires 10 years offstage."

So, guys...get working.

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