Monday, July 31, 2006



Did you ever hear anyone say, “I have to make my nut”? Did you say it?

Ever wonder where or when the term “nut” started to mean your rent or expenses?

In poker, “the nuts” describes a hand that can’t be beat or cracked.
“Making your nut” has nothing to do with the poker definition.

In has nothing to do with that hard-shelled treat at the baseball game.

It comes from the carnival. Many games, food vendors, and sideshows rented their space from the main carnival operator who supplied the rides and other parts of the show.
In the old days, the carnival boss or Lot Man would remove a nut from every wheel on an attraction’s wagon so a grifter could not skip out on paying their rent. When the rent was paid, the nuts were returned.

So, the next time you hear someone say they need to make their “nut” remember they are keeping a carnival tradition alive. Share this story with them. It will make you seem smarter.

And you both are on the way to being “With it”.

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