Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Most of this last year, I've done my research online. For those of you who don't know ProQuest is an online newspaper archive. Their historical archives save me lots of time and supplement my physical searches. Sometimes things I miss, they find and vice versa. My problem is.... I joined the Society of American Baseball Researchers ($60 a year) to gain access to ProQuest. Now, SABR is losing Proquest.
If anyone out there knows of a relatively inexpensive way for me to access Proquest and all their historical archives, Please let me know.
I don't know how I will be able to continue my project without it.


P.T. Murphy said...

E-mail me. ASAP! Let's get together for lunch. I happen to have an in at ProQuest. Seriously. My e-mail is magic@ptmuprhy.com. We can talk more about this.

Maximus said...

I have a membership with Ancestry.com which gives me access to their newspaper collection. I am not sure that would help but it may be an option. Good luck with the site.

chgomagic said...

Thanks Dan,
That is NewspaperArchive.com and I am already a member through their website. It has also helped, some. Both archives have problems, you have to search several ways using different combinations of words and I still know I am not getting everything, because of the physical searches I've done on my own. Although, A couple of new things also showed up that I originally missed.